What is ILEETA’s mission?

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Who belongs to ILEETA?

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Who can join ILEETA?

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How do I apply for membership?

Complete the form in the link below and mail, fax or e-mail to ILEETA at the address indicated on the form. Qualifying documentation can include a copy of a law enforcement trainer certification (no more than two), a letter from a public agency for whom you have provided training or a professional reference or supervisor we can contact about your work in training/education. Click here.

Does ILEETA have associate, group or corporate memberships?

No, ILEETA has only one type of membership. Memberships are not transferable.

What benefits will I receive?

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What are the annual dues?

Dues are $50 for the first year and $45 per year for renewals or $120 for three years.

Does ILEETA share my information with third parties?

ILEETA will not share our members’ names with third parties unless authorized by that member.

Does ILEETA certify trainers?

No, however members attending the annual conference may obtain training certifications from the certification courses offered.

How can I renew my membership?

How do I know if my dues are current?

We will contact you by e-mail about your renewal, and you can also contact the ILEETA office at ileetasupport@aol.com or #262-767-1406.

How can I contribute articles to ILEETA publications?

We encourage ILEETA members to share their ideas, articles and resources with their fellow members. ILEETA produces several different digital publications including the ILEETA E-Bulletin, ILEETA Digest and the ILEETA Journal. You can find the editorial guidelines for ILEETA publications behind the Member Gateway.

Does ILEETA post upcoming training?

When ILEETA began creating E-Bulletins we were inundated with requests to post upcoming training announcements, (not surprising since we are an organization of trainers).  So we partnered with PoliceTraining.net. http://policetraining.net/  and put a link on our web site to this service.  They are the go to place for trainers to look for training by subject, date or location and they are very reasonable.  The E-Blasts that appear in the E-Bulletins are restricted to ILEETA Corporate Sponsors and the only other posting you might see for training in the e-bulletins would be for free training.

In addition to PoliceTraining.net you might also consider posting on the ILEETA Marketplace Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/120136721528649/  which was created to help members post anything they wanted to advertise or sell.

How can my company become an ILEETA corporate sponsor?