As an organization, ILEETA is committed to the reduction of law enforcement risk through the enhancement of training for criminal justice practitioners.

As ILEETA members, we are fully committed to the saving of lives through the development and delivery of high quality training.

As training and education professionals, we are committed to the safety and security of our fellow citizens, and improved understanding between society and the criminal justice professions.

Who Belongs

ILEETA was created to meet the needs of those that educate and train the men and women who protect society.   ILEETA has members six continents. Harvey Hedden serves as ILEETA’s Executive Director and aided by an Advisory Board to determine the future direction of the association.  ILEETA always seeks to improve communication, networking and benefits for its members. Each spring, the association holds an annual training conference in the Greater Chicago area that is the largest gathering of law enforcement trainers in the world offering more training opportunities than any conference of this kind.

Membership Eligibility

Membership in ILEETA is select. You must be involved in the delivery of education or training to the criminal justice community by being an educator, trainer, or supervisor or manager of criminal justice education or training.  There are no associate members, student members, nor can just any law enforcement officer or criminal justice professional become a member.  Certifications, licenses or a letter of reference from a criminal justice agency can be provided to meet this requirement.